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Jul 25

Eye on the sky and longing for rain

Have you had any rain? It’s the first question whenever you meet anyone. A good question in this area east of Georgian Bay, where weather can vary dramatically from one concession road to the next. What a year this has been – the crazy early spring, the frost in May that devastated orchards, and now the drought; the last rain I recorded here was overnight July 7, which was welcome but not huge. There were two instances in the last week of a few drops for a minute or two, but the last significant rain I took note of was in early June – three consecutive days. Two days ago, 20 kilometres away at the south end of the township, I watched rain come down in sheets – for 10 minutes. Within an hour, puddles had disappeared and everything was dry, dry, dry. Not so much as a drop had fallen back here.

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Jul 9

Library Garden tour features native plant sale in Penetanguishene Saturday July 14th


Next Saturday I and my friends Sandy Agnew and Lynne Melnyk will be selling native plants at the Eco Garden in Penetanguishene.

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Jul 5

Bird rescue a cautionary tale for anglers and gardeners

To Tiny Marsh yesterday with my friend Jennifer to monitor breeding birds by playing a recording of a few key species at four locations. Got there at 6:30, we worked till 8:30ish, getting a few interesting call-backs. Then we walked out on the dyke because Jennifer wanted to see if loons are still in the Marsh. On the way I noticed a black bird flapping in the reeds and at the same time Jennifer was pulled up short by something around her ankles. It was a really strong green fishing line. We followed it back and found a juvenile grackle desperately trying to escape.

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