Ease into spring

It's early in our spring season - so take it easy with the 'cleanup,’ both for your own sake (spare that aching back), and for the flora and fauna in your garden. I was happy to read a blog by Robert Pavlis, a southern Ontario gardening expert, which explains, better than I can, the do's and don't's for this time of year.

He writes that the problem at this time of year is that many people do work in their garden that does not need to be done and some of it actually damages soil and plants - in particular, insects that are still in diapause (a state similar to hibernation). They are alive, but not moving. This is a time to leave them alone and if you must move garden material, do it gently and place it somewhere so that insects can get out when they are ready.

Here's the link.

Thanks to everyone involved in organizing Seedy Saturday in Innisfil, especially Bridget Indelicato. It was a great event!
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