Yes, fall is a good time to plant trees, shrubs, perennials etc.

People plant in spring and fall. In my view, fall is better because it gives the plant a chance to settle in and go into dormancy. It is then in position as soon as growth begins the following year. I have planted right up to freeze-up without a problem - but September / October are the best times as the plants get to adjust to the gradual change of season. 

We are open by appointment. It is a good idea to check the plant list before you come, as our on-site labelling and signage lags behind the growing. This list is updated on a regular basis, so you can be sure that if it's on the list, it's available. Though if you're coming from afar because you're interested in particular plants, check before you come, just to be sure. And place an order, to be extra sure it's still here when you arrive!

About this nursery: This is not a garden centre. It is more of a hobby, located in the gardens of our family home. Think of it as a boutique operation, with a varied selection of perennial species, some not easily found. Most are grown from seed at Return of the Native, some are sourced from other Ontario native plant suppliers. All are hardy in the Huronia area.

We use no pesticides or commercial fertilizers in order to foster life below ground - where such chemicals disrupt fungal connections that are essential to all plants - and above ground - where contaminants harm pollinators, herbivores and creatures up the food chain that depend, directly or indirectly, on the energy of plants.

No shipping except for books - Lorraine Johnson and Sheila Colla on gardening for the Rusty-Patched Bumblebee, and Heather Holm on pollinators and bees and native plants - full of invaluable gardening information like flowering period and habitat. The books are of course available at the plant nursery.

LOCATION: We are located just north of Elmvale, Ontario, inland from Georgian Bay, north of Barrie, east of Wasaga Beach, south of Midland, west of Orillia. The postal address is 1186 Flos Rd. 10. Elmvale ON L0L 1P0. Phone number: 705-322-2545. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

MAP: Do not use GPS to get to our nursery - it will mislead you! Follow directions on this MAP.

HOURS: By appointment - no fixed hours. Let us know what time works for you. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 705-322-2545.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: e-transfer, cheque, cash. No credit or debit cards and no Paypal.

Explore this website for gardening advice (Kate's blog, Snippets), book reviews and links to useful resources. For a long read, go to Hardy Perennial which will take you through the seasons with Keith and Carolyn Squires. It was written more than a decade ago, when the Country Squires Garden in Campbellville was in full operation.
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