Fall sale set for Saturday September 14

Time to get an early start on next spring’s plantings to create an even more perfect mini-ecosystem in your backyard - many items marked down, get great deals at the Return of the Native fall sale! It runs Saturday September 14, from 9 am to 5 pm. Location

(see plant list for full run-down of what's for sale, and more information). A few highlights:
-Perennials that have good-sized roots to give you great blooms next year include Culver’s Root, Purple Coneflower, Hairy Beardtongue, Obedient Plant and Rose Milkweed. Pink Turtlehead and Helen’s Flower are looking great, coming into bloom right now. All $4 for 1 gallon or 1 1/2 gallon pots. Much more available, see plant list.
-Rare trees, a few left: Hoptree ($10) and Red Mulberry ($14). Great deal on Northern Catalpa (a favourite of mine) in 2 gallon pots for $9. The Pagoda Dogwood are looking nice, $7 for a 1 gallon pot. And much more,
-In the shrub department in 1 gallon pots, we have Ninebark in wine- or copper-tinged foliage, ($4), Black Chokeberry ($8) and Spicebush ($8). And much more.
-Very cool groundcover: Wild Ginger, with its rounded satiny leaves, flourishes in dry shade, giving a look of distinction to neglected corners. Give it a couple of years to dig in, and then it will slowly spread. $3 per 8 cm pot.
-Shoreline restoration: The big push comes in spring when bare-root plants are available (and can be ordered this fall through Return of the Native).  But you can fill in gaps now with potted material, including moisture-loving shrubs like American Elderberry, Meadowsweet, Red Osier Dogwood and Virginia Rose, and water’s edge perennials like Northern Blueflag Iris, Joe Pye Weed, Smartweed, Sweet Flag and Marsh Spike-rush.
Note: PayPal is now available for Return of the Native purchases.
Elaine Huson
- 14 September 2013 at 03:33pm

I enjoyed my visit to your garden this morning!
I bought a white pine & was wondering if I need to enrich my soil while planting.
I'm planting it among 'jack' pines & the soil is sandy. What do you suggest?
- 15 September 2013 at 06:48pm

Hi Elaine - Eastern White Pine will do just fine on sandy soil - no amendment needed. However, it would be a good idea to visit somewhere nearby where white pine are growing and scoop up some pine needles and a little soil - spread that on the surface around your tree, you will be providing it with some of the soil organisms it needs to flourish. Keep the growth area damp from now to freeze-up - water every couple of days unless it rains.
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