This guide to possible substitutes (not all are native) for popular invasive aliens is published by the Ontario Invasive Plant Council and available as a booklet or online.

It’s divided into categories. A few examples:

-Groundcovers. Avoid Bishop’s Goutweed, English Ivy and Periwinkle. Instead, grow Wild Strawberry, Wild Ginger and Running Euonymous.

-Trees and Shrubs. Avoid Norway Maple, Tartarian Honeysuckle and Multiflora Rose. Instead, grow Hackberry, Fragrant Sumac and Flowering Raspberry.

-Vines. Avoid Japanese Honeysuckle, Oriental Bittersweet. Instead, grow Virgin’s Bower Clematis, American Wisteria.

-Aquatics. Avoid Water Soldier, Yellow Flag Iris, Flowering Rush. Instead, grow Water Smartweed, Blue Flag Iris, Pickerel Weed. 

Link to online guide. Print copies are available from the Ontario Invasive Plant Council or Return of the Native.