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Oct 6

Your leaves are an invaluable resource

Don’t throw those leaves away – they can be turned into leaf mould, a wonderfully fragrant woodsy material that results when you have kept your leaves for two or three years.

Leaf mould contains trace minerals that have been pulled from deep in the ground by long tree roots, it improves the structure and moisture retention of the soil, and it promotes the growth of organisms like micorrhizal fungi that plants need to take up nutrients.

What a waste to put such a valuable resource out on the curb!
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Aug 31

Fall sale set for Saturday September 14

Time to get an early start on next spring’s plantings to create an even more perfect mini-ecosystem in your backyard - many items marked down, get great deals at the Return of the Native fall sale! It runs Saturday September 14, from 9 am to 5 pm. Location
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Aug 29

Tall grasses make a dramatic statement

Grass is beautiful – clean lines, delicate flowers, subtle colours, fluid movement… In conventional gardens, it has played an important but supporting role – mowed and contained to provide a setting for buildings, specimen trees and other plantings.
These days, however, grass is a star and garden centres are offering extensive selections from around the world.
Many of the more stunning species are North American. Andropogon (Bluestem), Sorghastrum (Indian Grass), and Panicum (Switch Grass) were the dominant grasses of the Tall-grass Prairie, which, along with the Mixed-grass Prairie and the Short-grass Prairie, once stretched across the continent’s central plains.Read more